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DNA Identifiers has been offering clients peace of mind since 2001. Our service is quick, confidential and compassionate. We are commited to excellence in customer service!

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Our clients tell us that we are the most helpful DNA company that they have found. The reason they feel this way is that we take our time with each caller, listen to your needs, do our best to educate you and go out of our way to make sure your needs are met!

The staff at DNA Identifiers is available to answer any questions that you might have and we are willing to give any advice that we are qualified to offer. When you call us you will not get a hard sell, instead, we will ask you about your situation, educate you about your options and allow you to make decisions based on your needs and desires. In fact, many people call our office in an attempt to get answers or understand test results that they received from a different lab. Oftentimes, we hear that they wish that had worked with us from the start. Also, all staff in our corporate office are NADCM Certified Professional DNA Collectors.

We feel that it is important that you know that we are NOT a phone bank, we are a group of people who are dedicated to your case and we will make sure you get the best possible DNA Testing service. After all, a DNA Paternity Test or other type of DNA testing service is one of the most important events of your life… We are here for you!

Email DNA Identifiers or call (888) 362-4339 to speak to live person during business hours. If you select us as your DNA service provider, we will give you the manager’s cell phone number so that you may contact us after hours or on the weekend. For legal advice, please consult a family attorney.


  • Legal DNA Test – Accredited Court-Admissible — Notarized for legally binding, official purposes
  • Non-Legal, Private DNA Test — Private, for your knowledge only. Same quality as legal, not notarized
  • Relationship DNA Tests —Parentage, Maternity DNA Test, Paternity DNA Test, Sibling DNA Test, Half Sibling DNA Test, Grandparent DNA Test, Uncle or Aunt DNA Test (Avuncular)
  • DNA Test Home Kits — Do it yourself collections using our professional collection kits
  • Create Your Own DNA Test Kit — Instructions on collecting DNA using home materials and Q-tips for instant collections
  • Secret DNA Testing — Using samples other than cheek swabs, or testing without someone’s knowledge
  • Mobile Collections and Collectors — Homes, private locations, hospitals, lawyers, funeral homes, morgues and more
  • Clinics, Clinical Collections — For professional DNA collections – services for both Legal and Non-legal/Private cases
  • Prenatal DNA Testing — Using Amniocentesis or CVS samples taken by an OBGYN or hospital’s Fetal division. We have doctors!
  • Deceased DNA Testing — Using Medical Examiner’s Office or Coroner’s office blood or tissues samples, personal items, or other family members
  • Immigration AABB DNA Testing for INS Homeland Security/USCIS — Family and relationship testing for Legal US Visa Immigration
  • Cheating DNA Test —  Also known as Infidelity DNA Test – We will test personal items for sperm or other DNA evidence

Our Mobile Collection Service can provide DNA sample collections at any of the following locations and more: your home or family residence, your office, doctor’s office, lawyer’s office, hospital, maternity ward, foster home, orphanage, funeral home, mortuary, court, jail, prison, detention center and  local library, etc. This service is ust like a mobile notary or traveling nurse. We’ll meet you where the labs and clinics can’t and we’ll save you money!  If you are not within any of our service areas, we can make an appointment for you at a local clinic. Please call us to find out if we have a mobile service provider in your area.

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