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Paternity Testing 101: A Simple Guide For A Complex Procedure

posted by DNA Identifiers @ 4:39 PM
Monday, December 21, 2009

By Groshan Fabiola

In movies and soap operas, paternity tests are often carried out in the direst of circumstances.  In reality, paternity tests are quietly carried out in many homes around the world, confirming or denying what families have suspected.  Whether the paternity testing has destroyed a family, or brought it closer together, it will certainly bring the truth to light.

A paternity test is a simple, non-invasive procedure that can be used to determine who the biological parents are.  There are many reasons why you might need to carry out paternity testing.  Peace of mind is the most often cited reason for seeking out DNA tests to determine the father of a child.  If the mother of the child has been intimate with more than one man, or is suspected of infidelity, the only way to determine who fathered the child is through DNA testing.

Paternity tests: where to start

Once you have made the decision to have paternity testing done, you need to determine the company you feel most supportive working with.  If you need paternity tests done, you can start with some simple searches online.  Equip yourself with knowledge about the procedure, the methods to test and the possible legal ramifications.  If you feel to you can talk to your General Practitioner about the tests and what will be required.

Taking the tests: what do you need

Once you have carefully considered the possibilities, it’s time to take action.  If you will be needing the test results in legal proceedings, you will need to go to a certified lab.  While lab tests can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, it is best to ask the lab if these results are considered to be official and can be used in court.  If you know that the results will not be needed for legal action (changing a birth certificate, custody, child support, welfare, Social Security), you can consider ordering an at home test, if there is any doubt it is best to preform the legal tests.  If you preform a home test and later discover that you need to use the results for legal matters you will have to do an entirely new test.  Thanks to developments in the world of medicine and science, paternity testing is very easy.  All accredited labs should provide 99.99% accurate tests online that can be taken at home or for legal use.  A few clicks of a mouse and your home paternity testing kit will be on its way via express mail.

The aftermath: getting support

Whatever method of testing you chose, the chances are you will have to wait 2-3 days (in many cases more).  This can be a trying time for even the most trusting of people.  While you might have initially only been acting on a hunch, the next few days can be difficult as you try to figure out what will happen if the tests come back negative. Our advice is to try not to let your mind carry you away.

It’s during this time that people often start seeking legal advice.  What recourse will you have if it turns out that in fact little John or Sarah is not your child.  What will this mean for you happy little family?  The answers are not clear-cut, and every situation is different.  It can’t hurt to schedule an appointment with a lawyer to discuss your options.  While you are scheduling appointments, a trained counselor might also be a good idea.  Gain some insight into what caused the situation, and how you are feeling about it, before you need to break the news to often, completely unsuspecting family members.

By getting a paternity test, you are taking your future into your own hands.  Erase all doubt about the paternity of a child within a few short weeks.  The peace of mind that follows this difficult decision is fact.  But do remember to make sure that the DNA Test is in the best interest of the child.

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