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Tip of the Month – August 2012

posted by DNA Identifiers @ 1:30 PM
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

After collection, buccal swab samples need be stored and shipped in a manner that allows them to adequately dry. If the swabs retain moisture, bacteria can grow and degrade the DNA, rendering the swab unsuitable for DNA analysis. In order to ensure that buccal swabs are able to dry, it is important that you follow two simple rules. First, do NOT place the buccal swabs back into the swab wrappers. The inside of the wrappers are coated with a thin waxy-like film that does not allow the swabs access to air, and thus they cannot dry. Second, place the buccal swabs into the paper sample envelope provided with the DNA Collection Kit, not a plastic bag. The swabs will be able to dry inside of a paper envelope, but will not be able to dry inside of a plastic bag.

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