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Have A Simple Immigration Aim

posted by DNA Identifiers @ 3:30 PM
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

by Arif Hussain

If you are serious to try your luck with immigration to USA, UK OR any other 1st world countries, spend some time to develop your workable immigration plan. Your time spent on research will not go waste. You must exactly know what to do and How to do it.

Your first step is to define your Immigration Aim clearly.

How to define your immigration aim is the core point on which your complete immigration plan will be evolving. Let us take few examples of Immigration Aims.

• I want to enter USA on Visit Visa and develop my company Business.
• My aim is to get F-1 Student Visa for my post graduate study program.
• I must get a cheep study program like ESL for my F-1 Visa.
• My fiancé(e) should sponsor me for K-1 Visa.
• My Citizen spouse can file my immigrant visa and K-3 visa simultaneously.
• My company should file L-1 Visa petition for me.
• I am eligible for E-1 / E-2 Treaty Visas.
• I must search a Religious Visa sponsor for me.
• I can join a cultural / Musical group for my Q-Visa.
• Should I join Student exchange program for J-Visa.

These are few examples of simple Aims for your Immigration Plan. After selecting your simple Aim, you can start researching Visa requirements, procedural steps, Forms and Fees and immigration documents required for your selected immigration Aim. Remember that you must have only one immigration aim. Do not try to sail in two boats. You will get confused. One single and simple Immigration aim will allow you to develop a workable clear immigration plan. You must spend more time to decide upon your immigration aim according to your prevalent situation. But avoid having double aims. Only double minded people have double immigration aims. They get lost in the long run. They can not plan in advance their immigration steps.

We have seen many immigrants with simple and single immigration aim have mostly succeeded in achieving their immigration objectives. Even such immigrants who had planed to file an Asylum application after entering USA and followed their Asylum immigration plan without wasting time were more confident in their Asylum interview as compared to those immigrants who had Asylum as a second option.

Because second option Asylum applicants keep on waiting long for filing their Asylum application. They will first apply for their existing visa extension and when Visa extension will be denied by immigration officer then they will apply for Asylum.

Such double minded people are deducted by immigration officers from the database. So their Asylum application is likely to be disapproved by immigration officer. Because interviewing immigration officer will form his opinion that the Asylum application is an afterthought of refusal of the Visa extension application. Secondly you have already become out of status at the time after refusal of your Visa extension application.

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