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Immigration Plan Of A Poor Student

posted by DNA Identifiers @ 10:10 AM
Friday, December 11, 2009

By Arif Hussain

International Students Planning their immigration to study in USA, UK and other 1st world countries have to meet certain academic and financial criteria. Apart from being eligible to get admission in certain educational program on the basis of their qualification, grade and merits, an international student must display their financial strength to pay their tuition and living expenses for at least first one year of their study program.

Many eligible and desirous students are unable to demonstrate their financial support to pay to the College / University approximately US$3600.00 which is normally the cost of tuition for their first semester. They do not have good Bank statements and there is no immediate relative to provide them affidavit of financial support. Hence their immigration desire on student Visa remains a dream.

I will narrate an immigration plan of a poor student from Egypt who I met in Los Angeles, California, USA in January 2005.

One of my friends introduced this young tall boy of about 23 years age, saying that Mr. Sam has arrived in USA in December 2004 on a student Visa to study English As a Second Language for one year. He needs some guidance to achieve his immigration objectives in USA. I asked Mr. Sam to briefly explain his study plan and his immigration objectives to me.

He started speaking English in a very poor accent. He told me that he had very little money in Egypt and he is only a High School graduate. This means that he had gone to school for only 12 years. But he was very serious about learning English and speaking with pure American accent fluently. He wanted to know the business culture, society and relationship building with American business communities. Then he wants to go back to his country and operate a Home based Call center for Telemarketing in USA. He wanted to achieve his immigration objectives during his legal authorized stay period of one year in USA.

He told me with a broad smile that his total expenses of Course admission and F-1 student Visa cost was just US$950.00. He arranged for this money to be paid for by his uncle who also provided an affidavit of support for US$9000.00. Before he applied to immigration officer for student Visa, he traveled to a neighboring country to enhance the value of his passport. He said that Blank passports do not impress the interviewing immigration officer at the US embassy.

During his conversation I noticed that he had planed his immigration activities with lot of care and research. He analysis the situation intelligently. He is accurate in defining his immigration targets. He knows what he can do. He planed a limited immigration goal. His first semester tuition fee was just US$450.00, which was within his resources.

His arrival cost in USA on student immigration Visa was just US$950.00 only. He intends to go back home within legal stay period of his immigration student Visa.  If we analysis his immigration Aim, we can learn that simple and practical thought process can make your plan workable. You do not have to be ambitious while developing your immigration plan.

I made a guideline plan for him to learn and adjust in business culture of corporate America So that he can develop a good call center with lot of success in Telemarketing for his USA clients. I remember this young man left USA in December 2005. He was speaking English in fluent American accent and had developed deep business relationship with many ready clients who trusted him and were willing to outsource their Telemarketing project to his call center in Egypt.

A poor student had achieved his immigration objectives with hard work and intelligent planning. Those international students who have meager financial resources can follow such Immigration Plans to achieve success in life. Telemarketing projects require understanding of your client business psychology and speaking English in fluent American accent. You can learn both these requirements during your student immigration stay on an ESL course in USA.  You may also develop good personal relationship with your potential Telemarketing customers during your stay in USA. Your large friendship circle with American students will also help you in future Life.

Build your huge assets with good human interpersonal friendly relationship; you will never be poor in Life. Plan your immigration within your resources, you will be always successful. Do what you can easily perform. There is no shortcut to research and hard work. Good Luck to all International Students.

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