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Immigrating With Your Children – Are They Prepared?

posted by DNA Identifiers @ 9:59 PM
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

By Lindsay Wagner

The choice to immigrate is a hard one to make. Now, imagine just how hard the transition will be for your child. Yes, some children are able to adapt to new situations easily, but there are a few prevalent issues that will cause great emotional discomfort. As a parent, you interest lies in ensuring that your child is happy. Your child’s emotional state counts. It is important to help your child to settle into their new environment.

What can you do to ensure that the transition is made bearable for your child?

Establish security

Inform your child about every step of the immigration process. Ensure that your child is involved in every aspect, as much as possible. Don’t keep your child in the dark. This is essential. Suggest that your child packs some of their own toys into boxes and place them into a removal truck, then have them unpack their toys themselves in their new home. This will help establish stability and continuity.

Look on the bright side

View this event as an opportunity to teach your child that saying goodbye isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Help them look forward to their new life. Also, help your child to cherish the memories he/she have made in their home country. Create a scrap book of memories with your child before you leave your country of residency. Once you’ve moved to your new home, create a similar scrapbook with your child. This time focus on your new home including the new opportunities available to your child. This will help build excitement about the move.

Focus on School holidays

If possible try to move when the school holidays are taking place in your new home country. This will give your child some time to adjust. Summer is the most popular time to relocate. This is a time when your child can focus on a new environment.  Family and a good support system will become crucial at this point.

Play Catch Up

Spend time with your child emailing and post letters to close friends and family. Join a social network, such as facebook and create a family group to help you child keep up-to-date with family events. This will help your child to remain close and ‘intact’ with the family.

Let your child be the designer

A sure way to allow your child to become comfortable in his/her surroundings is to allow your child to help decorate. Ask your child to suggest a colour, features and furniture for his/her bedroom. Remember, your child’s bedroom will become a haven. It needs to make your child happy. Create a soothing atmosphere with your child’s input.

Discover your new home

Make the transition an adventurous experience. Spend a day travelling around, discovering new interesting places. Perhaps, visit the local museum or library. Children are always keen for a new adventure. This will help create an exciting buzz to the transition.

Party, Party, Party!

Make the transition an enjoyable experience. Invite new friends and neighbours and their children over to your new home. Invite them for tea or games. This is a great way to help you and your child settle in. It’s also a great way to help you child if they are missing friends and family.

Relocating can be an awesome experience. However, it is vital that your entire family share in the excitement. By taking this into consideration and doing your utmost to ensure that your child is prepared, your child can start a life in a happy frame of mind.

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