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Do It Yourself DNA Testing

posted by DNA Identifiers @ 12:17 PM
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

By John Morris

DNA testing has only been popularized in recent years this is mainly due to it being extremely handy when it comes to high-profile criminal investigations and in paternity cases.  DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is most commonly used in trying to prove the relationship between two individuals.

There are also various new tests that have been created in recent years that do more than identify people and their relationships.  These test work at determining a person’s ancestry. As DNA is passed down from one generation of your family to the next, there are some parts that remain mostly unchanged. This creates the highly unbreakable link between family generations and through DNA testing. DNA testing can also be of great help when trying to reconstruct one’s family history.

DNA testing can, determine if you are related to the other person with whom you conduct the test. DNA testing can also determine if you and that other person have a same ancestor. DNA testing will also be able to provide you with the information that you will be needing in order to prove or negate the research you have been able to obtain about your family tree. Lastly, through DNA testing, you will be provided with clues in regards to your ethnic origin.

DNA testing has been around for many years yet has only recently become a standard for determining relationships.  This is due to the changing science that has made DNA testing more affordable and faster. There are now home DNA testing kits which can either be ordered through the mail or even over the internet for less that $300.  All you have to do is to just be able to obtain a sample of your cells through a cotton swab which is really is fairly easy to do.

Then you have to be able to send those samples back to the lab for your DNA testing.  You will have to wait for a period of time (how long depends on the type of test) before you get the results of your DNA testing. The DNA testing results are a series of numbers that represent the key genetic markers within your DNA. These numbers can be compared with the genetic markers from other individuals who took the DNA test in order to help you determine your relationship.

When it comes to DNA testing, one must be extremely patient waiting for the results – and whatever the result you get from your DNA test, just accept it as the tests are over 99.9% accurate (for paternity and maternity).

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