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Discovering The Role Your Genes Play

posted by DNA Identifiers @ 11:06 AM
Thursday, July 8, 2010

By Brooke Hayles

How do you define DNA testing? It is specified testing that looks for the absence or presence of DNA sequences? Your genetic information is carried inside every cells nucleus.

Deoxyribonucleic acid is the scientific name for DNA. DNA determines the cells behavior, function, and structure. What is great about DNA is that not only can it tell the identity of a person, and their relationship to others, but it can also give information about four thousand genetic conditions and diseases. Because DNA testing is becoming cheaper, it is becoming a popular form of testing.

There are many uses of DNA testing. For example, to establish paternity. Paternity can also be established in an unborn child. This is done with amniocentesis or CVS (Chorionic Villi Sampling). The CVS test is generally done in the early stages of a pregnancy between ten to thirteen weeks along. While the amniocentesis is generally done between the fourteenth and twenty-fourth weeks of pregnancy.

Breakthroughs with DNA testing happen regularly. One DNA tests that is gaining in popularity is used to determine ancestry. Our DNA comes from both of our parents. Most areas of our DNA go through changes. However, there are some areas of the DNA do not change at all or change very slowly. By tracking the changes and the DNA that does not change, ancestry testing is able to link many generations together and reconstruct the history of families.

DNA testing has also become popular with those who have been adopted. This allows them to trace their ancestors and find biological parents. To perform this kind of testing, a cotton swab is rubed on the inside of the clients’ mouth.  It is painless, easy, and quick, this means even a baby can undergo testing. The cheek swab contains skin cells that have the same DNA material that is in blood. Then the swab is sent to the laboratory to analyze the DNA in the cells, and determine if there is a match between the people particapating in that test.

DNA is also used to solve crimes. DNA testing has been used to prove guilt or innocent in those that stand accused of crimes.

DNA testing has been used to conduct an evaluation of health risks and health. The tests can even aid a person in weight loss by defining foods they crave.

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