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New York

Mobile & Clinical DNA Testing Services in New York

DNA Testing in New York: New York is the only state in the U.S. that has strict laws regarding DNA Testing. At no time can a citizen of the State of New York purchase a NON-Legal, Private DNA Test. All DNA Tests must be legally binding and must be accompanied by any of the following: letter from an attorney or lawyer, prescription from a doctor or physician, letter from a government agency or USCIS requesting an AABB accredited DNA parentage or relationship test for immigration purposes.

In some areas, such as the Bronx, we can send you to a clinic who will both write a prescription and perform the DNA collection.

Please contact us to arrange a Clinical DNA Collection at a clinic that is closest to you. If you are located within our mobile service area, we may also be able to arrange a Mobile/Traveling DNA Collector to meet you at the location of your choice.

Clinical DNA Collections will require an additional fee on top of the DNA testing fee. In most cases, this fee is paid directly to the collector. Average clinical collection fees are approximately $25- $35 per person, depending on your location.

Mobile Collection Fees are based on the collector and distance/time traveled. Mobile collectors can meet clients at their: home or family residence, office, doctor’s office, lawyer’s office, hospital, maternity ward, foster home, orphanage, funeral home, mortuary, court, jail, prison, detention center, local library and more! The service is similar to a mobile notary or traveling nurse. We’ll meet you where the labs and clinics can’t!

We can also arrange split collections in different U.S. states or cities. If you have an Immigration DNA Testing case, we can split collect in multiple countries. In any case, we will arrange the appointment and, if you desire, will send you an appointment confirmation by email, fax or mail.

Call us today and we will find the closest, least expensive, or most convenient service for you and your family!

PLEASE NOTE: New York State is a direct billing state. New York State Public Health Law 586 prohibits a purveyor of clinical laboratory services from billing or receiving payment from any person other than the recipient of the services. Sample collection, test facilitators or physicians can not be involved in the payment process, including pass-through without mark-up. Payment can not be submitted with the samples in the form of cash, check, or money order; however sample submission forms can contain a credit card or debit card number of the patient or legal relative. Pre-payment by the customer is required in order to process a NY case. Once payment has been received by our laboratory, your case will be processed.

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Link: New York State Paternity Laws

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