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Avuncular (Aunt or Uncle Test) Testing

Avuncular (Aunt or Uncle) DNA Testing

This type of testing is referred to as Avuncular DNA analysis. Aunt DNA Testing or Uncle DNA Testing can be used to determine if any biological, family relationship exists between aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews. You may add as many Aunt or Uncles to your Avuncular test as needed. In many cases, people chose do to this since including more DNA from the brother or sister of the person in question gives us more DNA to work with, and in true relationships, more matches.

The recommended and best way to perform this test is to include the available parent of the niece or nephew, if possible, in order to exclude/remove that known parent’s DNA from the equation. In situations where that person’s parent is unavailable for testing, a DNA avuncular test can still be performed, it will just be less accurate.

Unlike a DNA paternity test, which should always provide a conclusive result, avuncular tests are different and are very similar to sibling tests. When an avuncular testing is conducted, the DNA laboratory will first determine the genetic profile of the alleged relatives, then compare the DNA to see how many genetic locations match. This information is provided in an equation called an index. The higher the value of the avuncular index, the greater the likelihood that the two individuals are true biological relatives. Therefore, you could get a 99% probability with a relationship index over 1000. Any index over 1000 is considered very strong.

Non-legal, private, for your knowledge only Avuncular DNA Testing Fees begin at $95 per person. Should you need a legally binding test, please call for a quote at 888-362-4339 or Email Us

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