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Child Safety Identification Kits

Child Safety Identification Kits

At one point or another in a child’s life they “go missing”. This usually happens in places that are crowded, such as a department store, or they take off with friends without you knowing. Most often, they return on their own, safe and unharmed, their disappearance simply a matter of misunderstanding or accidental separation. However, even a short disappearance will cause a parent to confront their worst fear – the abduction of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare!  Even college-aged children are a target and can find themselves in trouble.

Unfortunately, in these times, there is also a big problem with internet predators who troll for under-aged children. This practice is becoming more and more prevalent and the offender is not a scary person offering candy and a card ride as much as a “friend” who’s true identity is not revealed.  As parents and guardians of children, we can fight back through preparation and abduction prevention and by teaching our children about these issues. You can also educate your children as to how to protect themselves and pro-actively gather any information that may be necessary to hand over to the authorities should something go awry.

The information you can obtain and store from a Child Safety DNA Identification Kit  prior to a tragic event can be priceless.  This unique kit allows you to store all of your child’s important identification information in one place for easy access and collecting your child’s DNA is a simple and painless process. With a DNA profile you have the ultimate protection for the 21st century family! There are many reasons to obtain a child DNA profile, some being that they are better than a birth certificate, more accurate than a fingerprint, it lasts a lifetime and beyond, DNA Testing is the International Standard for identification, and it’s confidential, painless, affordable.

Child Safety DNA Identification Kit :


You can find sexual offenders/predators at Family Watchdog

The tips below, from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children can help you reduce the risk of your child becoming a victim of abduction. Please take the time to read this child protection information and share it with your children.

Help Prevent Abduction:

* Know where your children are at all times and who they are with.
* Never leave your child alone in a public place, stroller or car.
* Have a plan in case your child gets separated from you in public.
* Always accompany younger children to a public restroom.
* Teach your children not to accept rides and gifts from strangers.
* Always accompany your child on door-to-door activities, i.e. Halloween, school fund-raising campaigns, etc.
* Establish a routine for picking your children up from school or other events.
* Agree on a simple code word for emergency situations. A trusted adult who knows the code word can pick up your child if necessary.
* Make sure your child knows their full name, address and phone number.
* Teach your child how to reach you (home, office, mobile)
* Teach your child how to call the police.
* Teach your child to stay in groups of friends when going anywhere .
* Tell your children about child abductions in simple and easy to understand terms. Awareness can help them protect themselves.
* Avoid clothing and toys with your child’s name on it. A child may not fear someone who knows his/her name.
* Promote an environment in which your child feels free to talk to you.
* Let your child know that you will pick them up at any time, any place.
* Listen closely when your child talks about friends or acquaintances they spend time with in your absence.
* Check all potential babysitters and older friends of your child.
* Teach your child to recognize suspicious behavior and collect descriptions.
* Urge your child to think escape / survival if he or she were ever abducted.
* Speak to your local law enforcement agency to find out about neighborhood watch.
* Get to know your neighbors and the children in the area. Make sure your child’s friends know your house is safe and they can seek help from you.
* Check with your local law enforcement to find out if there are sexual offenders in your area.
* Use a system such as KidSave to organize your child’s photo and child ID card with pertinent descriptive data.
* Keep up-to-date medical/dental history and finger print cards.
* Teach your child that there is always someone to help them, and they have the right to be safe.

Teach Children to Protect Themselves:

* Always tell your parents where you are going and who you are with.
* Never answer the door if alone.
* Do not invite anyone in the house without the permission of a parent or babysitter.
* NEVER get into anyone’s car without permission.
* Don’t tell anyone on the phone that your parents are not home. Instead tell them that your parents can’t come to the phone and take a message.
* Don’t go to restrooms in out-of-the-way places without a trusted adult.
* Don’t take short cuts. Always use well-traveled streets.
* Never go to playgrounds or movies alone.
* Go to the nearest cashier if lost or separated from a parent in a store or mall.
* Do not take candy or other gifts from strangers without asking a parent first.
* Never hitch-hike.
* Stay away from isolated areas or abandoned buildings.
* If you do not know the driver of a car that slows down or stops near you. Run home, to the police department or to a public place where there are people. Do not run and hide.
* If an adult approaches to ask for directions, step back, tell them you don’t know and walk away. Adults should ask other adults for directions.
* If forced toward a building or car, scream “help”, scatter belongings and fight.
* No one has the right to touch any part of your body that a bathing suit would cover.
* If someone touches you in a way that feels uncomfortable, tell them in a loud voice that it is your body and they don’t have the right to touch you, even if it is a relative or friend. Tell an adult you can trust and keep telling until someone believes you.
* If you see someone unusual hanging around a schoolyard or a park, tell your parents.
* Tell a parent about anyone who exposes themselves to you.
* Don’t believe any adult who asks you to keep a secret from your parents.

Patterns of Abduction:

* In abduction cases, the first few hours are the most critical.
* 75% of abductions are by a family member or an acquaintance.
* Only 25% of kids are taken by strangers.The majority of these abductors are men
* When kids are taken by strangers, 66% of the victims are female children.
* 76% percent of victims are Caucasian females with and average age of 11 years.
* Infant abductions are fairly rare, but the abductors are usually women.
* Most abducted children are in their teens.
* Most abductors/predators are usually highly skilled in the art of manipulation.
* Abductors/predators often single out a lone child or one that is out late at night alone.
* Abductors/predators usually befriend their victim.
* Abductors/predators singles out children or teenagers that seem to have problems at home.
* Abductors/predators identify and pursue at-risk children or teens is.
* Many child abductors/predators were victims of domestic violence themselves.
* The majority of children reported missing are either run-always or there has been a miscommunication with their parents.

Report a Sighting of a Missing Child or Report a Missing Child to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children  24-Hour Hotline 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)

To schedule an appointment to have a Child Safety Identifications Kit made for your loved ones, call DNA Identifiers at (888)-DNA-IDFY or (888)-362-4339.

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