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Child Safety Identification

Why Knowing Your Child’s DNA Is So Important

A Child Goes Missing EVERY 40 Seconds In The U. S.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “2,100 children go missing each year”… another 500,000 go missing without ever being reported.

Children, teenagers and even young adults are abducted.  Family members as well as strangers abduct young children.  Older children and teens can be abducted by strangers looking to use them for a variety of emotionally and physically harmful reasons.

Tragic, fatal car accidents have occurred and caused families much suffering in not knowing if their child was a victim.

Young adults die serving in our country and parents wait in anguish not knowing whether their child was one of the victims.

Be Proactive Know Your Child’s DNA Profile

Knowing your child or loved one’s DNA profile is:

· simple, painless and affordable

· a permanent record that never changes with time

· one of the only 100% accurate ways to identify a person

It Could Happen To Your Family

Being proactive doesn’t mean living in fear.  DNA profiling is a priceless, timely and important issue for the turbulent world we live in today.

All testing is provided by Chromosomal Laboratories, one of the highest accredited and credentialed DNA labs in the world.  Testing is performed in a technologically advanced and safe lab environment.  All test results are confidential.

Ordering Instructions

Total fees for shipping, processing and reporting of a C. S. I. kit are $150.00.

Using the order form provided, you may email vicki@dnaidentifiers.com to order online.  However, if you would like to order by phone, call 877-DNA-ID4U.  (362-4348)

If you order online, you need to complete a Credit Card Authorization Form and email it along with your order.

You may pay by Money Order, made out to DNA Identifiers.  Mail it to:

DNA Identifiers

541 S.E. 18th Ave.

Pompano Beach, Fl. 33060

Or you may pay by Visa, Master or Discover Card. If you pay by credit card, please fill out and sign the Credit Card Authorization Form and return it to the email address above.  (Do NOT send cash).

Samples will be shipped to the lab only after payment has been made in full.

Florida CSI Credit Card Authorization Form

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