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Voluntary Immigration DNA Testing To Be Used As Initial Evidence For Immigration Purposes

DNA Testing Before The Government Requests The Test

Your situation: You are sponsoring family member for United States Immigration and you are putting together all of the documentation to prove your relationship with your family. The U.S. Government or USCIS has not yet requested a DNA test, however you or your attorney have decided that you want to go ahead and get the test done in order to hasten the process and prevent any delay.

Therefore, you need a DNA Test for Immigration purposes, but it is not going to follow the same protocol as a standard DNA Test for Immigration. A Legally-Binding AABB Accredited DNA Test is what you must acquire. Once the testing is complete, we will issue the results to you, and/or your attorney, and you will submit the results as initial evidence along with your other evidence such as photos, birth certificates and like. We can also provide you with copies of your collection documents and photos as evidence support to include along with the test results. Please note: Although rare, it is possible for the Embassy or Service Center to reject your DNA test results if they decide to be difficult. However, we do provide the supporting collection documentation and donor photographs which will greatly reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

About Legally-Binding/Court Admissible DNA Testing: “Legal” testing means that: a professional third party performs the DNA collection; the collector will check your ID, take your photo and have you sign the chain of custody. In return, you will get a test result that is notarized and can be used for any legal purpose. The test result will never expire and can be used at any point in the future.

If all or some individuals are located in the United States, we will arrange an appointment for you at your local clinic and send an email titled “DNA Appointment Confirmation” which will contain all of the information needed for your appointment, as well as our Quote for Services.

If any beneficiaries/family members are located outside the United States, we will also send a kit to a doctor/physician so that they can collect on your family. In some cases, we have contact information for physicians in your home country. In other cases, we will need your family members to find a doctor or hospital that is willing to perform the collection and can read/write English or Spanish. (The DNA testing kit documents and the instructions will be in either language depending on your needs.)

The DNA Collection Kit will also include a pre-paid return shipping container so that the doctor can send the samples right back to our lab. Once received it takes only two business days to process the test for parentage results and three – five days days to process other relationship tests. We will call, email/fax and mail you the notarized results.

All collections are performed using “Standard” legal Chain of Custody (COC) documentation, not “Immigration” COC documentation. We can supply you with a copy of the COC and the photos, IDs, to submit along with the results, if you or your attorney desire.

DNA Test (Paternity Test, for example)
Two Legs Of International Shipping (to/from)
Additional Overnight FedEx of DNA Samples (one free)
Inside United States DNA collection fee
Outside United States DNA collection fee

For more information, or a quote for services, please contact one of our friendly representatives at 888-362-4339. (Most of the time, you will always be able to work with the same person every time you call.)

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