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Deceased/Missing Mother

Deceased or Missing Mother Maternity Test

This type of Maternity Test is typically performed when the Possible Mother is not available for testing, but the maternal relationship must be proven.

Missing Mother

In the case of a missing possible mother, or a lack of autopsy, the Maternal Grandparents can be tested in place of the Mother. We can also offer other tests, such as Mitochondrial or Avuncular testing (Aunt or Uncle).  In some cases, individuals have items that might contain DNA from that missing individual, such as a toothbrush or fingernail and we can test those items through our forensics lab. (All self-collected forensic samples will only give you a non-legal test result.)

In all cases, you can elect either a legal, court-admissible test or a non-legal do-it-yourself testing solution. If your results will, or might, be needed for legal purposes, you should select a legal test.

Deceased Mother

If the Medical Examiners Office, Coroner’s Office, Funeral Home or Mortuary has either the person or person’s DNA on file, we can perform a DNA Maternity test with the possible mother’s samples.  In many cases, if there has been an autopsy performed, a blood or tissue sample from the Medical Examiner’s Office (M.E.O.) or Coroner can be shipped directly to the laboratory along with a cheek-swab sample from the possible offspring. The sample from the MEO must be a blood or tissue sample that does not contain any preservatives such as formaldehyde or paraffin wax.

Before testing can proceed, the next of kin must either call the  MEO/Coroner or give us the contact information so that we may confirm that the sample is available for testing. The next of kin must fill out a release for testing, or a court order must be submitted, to the MEO/Coroner.

We will provide the MEO/coroner with the documents and shipping label that will allow them to send the samples to the lab.  If the test is either for legal or non-legal purposes, we can send the living donor to the clinic, arrange a mobile collector or in a non-legal, mail a kit for you to self collect your DNA.

DNA Identifiers is willing to work with you and advise you should you have questions, as well as schedule a time to collect the cheek-swab sample.

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