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Military Benefits – Discounted DNA Testing for Service Members & Veterans

Discounted DNA Testing and Paternity Testing Services and Information For
Active Duty Military and Veterans ~

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We offer DNA Testing and Paternity Testing Military Discounts to United States enlisted and retired service personnel, as well as their spouses and dependents. If an unmarried mother of a child is in need of a DNA test in order to show proof of fatherhood to the military, we will also offer her a discount.

We can send the DNA test results to the family, mother, father or guardian of the child, as well as to any military division, court or support organization requesting the DNA Test or Parentage Test Results.

Call us for a quote today! 888-362-4339 or contact us by Email (info@dna-testing-paternity.com)


Common Uses For Military DNA Testing

  • * Prove paternity when a child is born out of wedlock in order to obtain: various military benefits, child support, family support, Social Security benefits, medical insurance, death benefits and show as dependents to IRS and state taxes.
  • * Military benefits for children of deceased active duty officers when the father is not on the birth certificate
  • * Peace of mind if you think a child might not be yours or his. (Girlfriend or wife possibly cheating?)
  • DNA Banking – store samples of your genetic information for any future purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Active Duty Personnel: It is best to perform a paternity test, or other DNA test, prior to being deployed. Although we can work with the military’s medical department or lab, it is easiest to submit to a DNA collection and testing in person while you are stateside. We can perform split collections, you do not have to be in the same state or city.

Where do I go to get a DNA test while Stateside?
We have thousands DNA collection clinics across the country. (You do not have to be in the same city or state.) Please call us with the town, city or zip codes where everyone is located and we will find the closest DNA collection services for you.

Where do I get a DNA test while deployed on Active Duty?
If you need to test for paternity after deployment, we can work with the military and send a DNA collection kit to your location or the have the medical staff obtain a blood sample from your military division’s laboratory. (You will need to provide us with the division’s contact information.)

Can I Buy a DNA testing kit or do I have to go to a clinic?
If you would like to purchase a DNA test for your knowledge only and do not need to provide the results to the military or other organization, then you may purchase a DIY home DNA testing kit. However, if you need to use it for official, legal purposes, then you need to be collected on by an independent third party using chain of custody and photo documentation. (You will receive a notarized DNA Test Result document in return.) You may be collected on by a DNA testing clinic, professional mobile collector, nurse, doctor, notary, or attorney and more! Contact us for your local options.

What if I need a Paternity Test but the Father IS NOT available?
If  you find yourself in this situation then please call us. We have ways of either obtaining DNA samples or substituting related individuals, such as the child’s possible paternal grandparents, in order to complete DNA testing. We will ask you a series of questions, such as: Is the possible father deployed, missing, deceased or unwilling to test? Is there a related party willing to test? Do you have other children from the same father?  Which military division? Etc.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: We are here to serve you and happily offer a Free Consultations and Quote for Services by phone or email. We believe in educating our clients so that they understand how DNA testing works and why it is important to test in certain ways and methods. We will contact organizations, the military and family members, if needed, on your behalf. We will also fully explain your DNA test results so that you understand exactly what they mean and why. It gives us great pleasure to help people and even more to help our heros and their families!

Please contact us any time! 888-362-4339 or contact us by Email (info@dna-testing-paternity.com)


Proving Your Service Affiliation

  • * Active Duty ID Card - You must be on Active Duty military status and be in the DEERS system.
  • * Guard/Reserve Military ID Card - You must be in the Guard or Reserves, which may include the Inactive Ready Reserves (IRR).
  • * Retiree Military ID Card - You must qualify as a military retiree, which generally means 20 years of active military service, or 20 years in the Guard or Reserves (though age limits may change eligibility requirements for Guard/Reserve retirees). Medically retired service members may also be eligible for ID Cards.
  • * Military Dependent ID Card – These may include, but are not limited to: Lawful spouse, un-remarried surviving spouse.
  • * Veteran ID Card – There is no official DoD issued military veteran ID card. However, the VA medical system may issue ID cards for veterans who are in their system for service connected disability benefits and certain other situations.
  • * DD-214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty  - The standard separation document of the United States Military.  (Previous to the DD 214 there were various other Separation Documents and they are all referred to now as DD 214.)
  • * Other – Written request from DNA testing or written proof from military by email or documentation.

***If you do not have any of the above items, or if you are an unmarried mother who has fathered a service member’s child, then please call us and let us know and we will discuss your options.***

We are here to assist you in any way possible. Call us for a quote today! 888-362-4339 or contact us by Email (info@dna-testing-paternity.com)

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