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Duo Paternity Test

Father and Child Only DNA Test

Also known as a Motherless Paternity Test

In this case, only the Child, or Children, and Possible Father will be tested. Although it is helpful, it is not always necessary to include the Mother’s DNA sample. The best possible DNA Paternity Test Results will be achieved when the mother is included. However, we understand that sometimes a male needs to know the answer to a paternity test in private and does not want to share his suspicion, or the fact that he is performing the test, with the mother. Under these circumstances, the male will have to test without the mother.

If you are a Possible Father who would like a non-legal, private or clinical DNA test, you do not need the mother’s permission to test. However, if you would like a legally binding, court admissible test,  you may have the test performed without the permission of the Mother if you are the legal father and/or guardian of the child and/or have legal joint or full guardianship of a child.  In these cases, the male must prove, with documentation, that he is eligible to test with the child alone by providing a birth certificate with his name on it, or court documents showing custody and/or guardianship of the child.

In these motherless DNA Testing situations, and at EVERY lab, we can give you conclusive negative results. Occasionally, and at any lab, a motherless DNA testing will require more extended testing to accurately complete the results. All accredited labs test the same 16 genetic markers genetic information would be the same for each lab. Trouble can be in the DNA, and the better equipped the lab is, the more accurate your test results are.

Basic Genetic Information: The issues any lab can have with a motherless DNA test are as follows:  Mothers give a child half of their DNA and a father gives the child half of their DNA.  Each person has two numbers at each marker. One number comes from the mother and one from the father. We do not know which number comes from which parent without have that parent’s DNA to match it to. Without the mother’s DNA helpfully completing half of the genetic puzzle, we are testing all of the child’s DNA against the male verses just half, which would have been matched to the mother. Therefore, including the mother will provide much more conclusive results. However, sometimes there are very rare genes in both the child and father and this can boost a test result and make it much stronger even if the mother is not included. For more information about how DNA testing works and why it’s important to include the mother: DNA SCHOOL.

Please keep in mind that if the DNA is not easy to match, or if there are rare genetic mutations,  is possible that in some these particular case’s results will take more than 2 business days to complete.

Note: All test results remain confidential and will only be mailed to the adult donor who is participating in the test. If the mother, although not participating, has been involved in setting up the test and has requested a set of results herself, we will send her results, as well.

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