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Legal Court Admissible

About Legally-Binding DNA Testing

Simply stated, a court admissible, legal test is one that is allowed to be used in a court of law as evidence.

In many unfortunate cases, a home test is purchased in the hopes of saving money. However, after the test has been completed it is realized the test results need to be used as evidence in a court of law in order to collect or enforce child support or to gain joint or full custody, etc. At that time, a new court admissible legal test must be purchased as well.

(Please Note: Once you perform a non-legal, do it yourself at home DNA test it cannot be made legally admissible at any future date. A new court admissible test would have to be purchased and completed.)

Sadly, due to this oversight, a person can end up paying more than twice the amount that they originally intended to pay for a DNA Test. Therefore, it is best to avoid this situation and invest once in a DNA Identifiers’ test that is guaranteed, notarized and court admissible.

The following criteria are necessary in order to make a DNA test legal:

  • Samples are collected by an authorized impartial third party
  • All adults must provide valid photo identification and SSN
  • Photos are taken of each participant
  • Strict chain of custody documentation is used to perform and record the collection and laboratory processes

Court Admissible Legal Tests are the right choice for you if any of the following issues apply, or might apply in the future, to your situation:

  • Child Support, to Establish or Enforce
  • Child Custody, to Establish or Enforce Full or Joint
  • Newborn Last Names on Birth Certificates
  • Confirm Newborn Identity (Hospital Errors)
  • Immigration Cases
  • Estate or Inheritance Claims
  • Social Security or Insurance Benefits
  • Adoption Issues

Finally, in order to allow a motherless legal test, the father must prove with documentation that he is the legal father and guardian of the child who is authorized to sign on behalf of the minor child. Proof can be a birth certificate with the legal father’s name on it or court documents showing custody and guardianship of the child.

To schedule a court admissible legal test appointment, call DNA Identifiers at (888)-DNA-IDFY or (888)-362-4339.

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