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Non-Legal Private

Private, For Your Knowledge Only

DNA Testing That Cannot Be Used For Legal Purposes

(This test is the best and only option for males who are not the legal father and guardian of a child and are not legally allowed to test a child without the mother’s permission.)

A NON-LEGAL DNA TEST simply means that the results CANNOT be used as evidence in a court of law because the DNA samples were not collected on by an independent third party through ID check, chain of custody and photo documentation. Therefore, the donors cannot be proven to be the correct people that the report states they are. It is common for donors to go to a clinic for a NON-LEGAL test, the only difference is that the collector will not document who you are, they will just perform the DNA cheek swab DNA collection for you.

Our Non-Legal DNA tests are the same standard, quality, and carry the same guarantee. The only difference is the the test results report is not notarized, like it would be in a Legal test. However, please keep in mind, once you perform a Non-Legal test it cannot be made legally admissible at any future date, even if you were collected on at a clinic or mobile collector.

If you would prefer to have a Clinical or Mobile Collection for NON-LEGAL test, we can arrange this for you.  For a Non-Legal DNA test a male will not need to show an ID and can test a child without the mother’s permission.

To Summarize, Our Non-Legal Tests Are:

  • Guaranteed as 0 or 99.9+% without mother or 99.99+% with mother (paternity only)
  • The same standard and quality as our legal DNA Tests
  • The best and only option for a male who is not legally allowed to test a child without the mother’s permission
  • DNA samples can be self-collected at home
  • DNA samples can be taken by a professional collector, but will not require ID Check, photo and other documentation
  • Third party witnesses and identification are NOT required
  • Results CAN NOT be used in a court of law
  • Results are NOT notarized
  • Results cannot be made legal at a later date
  • Results are for your personal knowledge only
  • Completely confidential

Why Cheap DNA Tests are too good to be true:

Oftentimes, a cheap or inexpensive DNA Test is purchased over the internet in the hopes of getting a deal and saving money. However, the old saying is true, “You get what you pay for.” Don’t be fooled by companies that promise to offer you a cheap or free DNA or Paternity test. In many cases, the quality of the test is substandard and is not guaranteed, or the lab is not fully accredited. In one $89 case, although the lab is accredited, the work is performed by students at a University as part of their course work.

Also, companies will advertise a “FREE DNA TEST”, which only means that they will send they supplies to you for free, but you still need to pay for the test.

The chemical cost for a true accredited lab to run a standard DNA test is around $90. This does not include, administrative fees and overhead such as: collection supplies, postage, possible additional necessary chemicals, equipment and maintenance fees, qualified lab techs and PhDs. It has been stated that cheap labs have less accreditation and less experience thereby increasing the chance of error in their testing.

The decision to have a DNA Test should not be taken lightly, as the results can affect the rest of your life. Make sure you choose a quality test and an upstanding, highly accredited company that will guarantee their work.

Although DNA Identifiers provides a Court Admissible Legal Test, we also provide “do it yourself at home” testing kits. The results are the same quality as our court admissible tests and the results are guaranteed.

To purchase a Non-legal DNA Kit, call DNA Identifiers at (888)-DNA-IDFY or (888)-362-4339.

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