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Paternity Testing for Adoption

Paternity Testing for Adoptive Purposes

We offer Legally Binding AABB Accredited DNA Testing Services for Paternity, Maternity and other Family Relationships. This service is necessary and useful if you are adopting a child and the paternity, or other family relationship, is in question or needs to be proven so that the father can relinquish his paternal rights.

Our Services

We provide Paternity tests to Adoptive Attorney’s, Adoptive Families and Adoption Agencies and have a Spanish Speaker on staff. Clinics and collectors are local and nationwide and we can ship collection kits internationally, if needed. In participating locations we offer Mobile Collectors who can travel to your office, maternity ward in the Hospital, client’s home, foster home or other location to meet with clients directly.

Our office will arrange the appointment(s) for the DNA Test and provide all of the donor’s or their representatives with the information. We can also work with family courts, if a court order is needed or granted. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or to arrange a collection appointment. For clinic locations or a quote for service please Call 888-369-4332 or Email Us.

Paternity Testing Fees

Our Legally Binding DNA Parentage Test is on sale for $299!
Each additional person/child is just $125 each. (Plus collection fees.)

DNA Collection Fees

This is a legally binding, notarized DNA test and must be collected on by an independent third party. Collection fees will apply on top of the testing fee and ranges based on location and service.  The average nation-wide  in clinic DNA collection fee is approximately $25 – $35 per person. Mobile fees vary widely, call or email for a quote.

Our Process

We will gather all of the basic case information, arrange for the DNA donors to be collected upon and have all DNA shipped to the lab for processing. Parentage turn around time takes 2 business days and results are guaranteed at either a 0% (negative) or a 99.9+% (positive) result. We will release results by phone, email, fax and mail.

Reasons Why It Is Best To Include The Mother Of The Child In A Paternity Test

Including the mother in the test is not mandatory, however it is very helpful and does provide the most accurate DNA test result. If the mother is not available, or does not wish to participate, we will do a paternity test without her. However, often we hear a person say, “I know I’m the mother, why do I have to be tested, too?” This is a valid question for which there are good answers. Since we know she is the mother, it is best that she is included in the test for the following reasons:

1) Including the mother in the test allows us to eliminate the child’s maternal half of the DNA. The remaining DNA is from the biological father and this we can test against the male, which is much more accurate then testing the male against all of the child’s DNA.

2) When we eliminate the maternal DNA from the equation, it also helps eliminate false positive matches.

3) Including the mother helps with our quoted turn around times.

4) Including the mother can prevent genetic mutation issues.

5) Including the mother increases our positive minimum guarantee to 99.99+%, if applicable.

6) Including the mother proves that she is the biological mother and there are no baby swaps, mix ups or misrepresentations.

(Unfortunately, not every company will tell you these facts since they make more money when they test less people. However, we believe in offering you the best test possible and educating our clients. Knowledge = power!)

Our Adoptive DNA Service Benefits

* 2-business day turn around for Parentage Results at the lab, 3-5 business day turn around for other relationships
* Guaranteed positive Parentage DNA Test Results at 99.9+%, or 0% for negative results
* Fully accredited AABB+ genetic laboratory services and negative result tests run twice for accuracy!
* We are available to you by phone should you have any concerns or questions & have after-hours emergency number
* We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfers

Please feel free to call us any time should you desire a quote for service or free consultation. Email DNA Identifiers or call (888) 362-4339 to speak to live person during business hours. If you select us as your DNA service provider, we will give you the manager’s cell phone number so that you may contact us after hours or on the weekend. For legal advice, please consult a family attorney.

The Staff at DNA Identifiers

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