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Twin DNA Testing

What Is A Zygote?

The Zygote refers to an egg that has been fertilized by sperm.

Identical Twins vs. Fraternal Twins

Identical Twins: The zygote is monozygous, meaning the zygote was fertilized by sperm and then it split into two while in the womb. Therefore, Identical Twins have the exact same genes because they were conceived/created from the same egg and sperm. Identical twins are always the same sex.

Fraternal Twins: The zygote is dizygous, meaning two different eggs were fertilized by two different sperm. Therefore, Fraternal Twins have different genes because they were conceived from different eggs and sperm at roughly the same time. In unique and rare cases, some fraternal twins were conceived at different times by a different father in a relatively short period of time. Fraternal twins may be the same sex or different sexes.

What Is A Twin Zygosity Test?

A Twin Zygosity Test determines whether the Zygote split into two or started out as two different fertilized eggs. DNA Identifiers lab test will prove with absolute certainty that Twins are Fraternal when the DNA alleles of each Twin are dizygous (different). When the DNA alleles are of each Twin are identical, the probability of monozygosity is greater than 99.99%.

DNA Identifiers’ Twin Zygosity Tests are the most advanced, accurate, state of the art genetic tests available today. Our results are obtained using strict chain of custody documentation and are notarized and guaranteed for accuracy. The level of accuracy is over one million times greater than most State and Federal Government standards and is significantly better than tests performed by other laboratories.

DNA Identifiers offers both Court Admissible Legal DNA Tests and Non-Legal Home Kits. If you need a Court Admissible Test, DNA Identifiers will make an appointment to meet you at a safe location of your choice, most likely your home or lawyer’s office. Our unique service will save you time, money, gas, travel expenses and the hassle of fighting traffic and driving long distances. Plus, all DNA samples are painlessly obtained using a cheek swab (special cotton swab), not a blood draw.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call DNA Identifiers at (888)-DNA-IDFY or (888)-362-4339.

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